Decision Making in Stay

The Board of Stay

Stay is run by a Board of Trustees made up of a maximum 74% direct appointees, with the remaining 26% appointed by Telford Christian Council. This arrangement provides Stay with the necessary business independence whilst retaining the Christian ethos on which we were founded.

The role of the Stay Board is to:

  • Approving strategic development and policy.
  • Approving the Stay Business Plan and monitor performance against the Plan.
  • Authorising budgets.
  • Monitoring the implementation of policy, the quality of service delivery, compliance with agreed procedures and financial progress against budgets.
  • Appointing senior staff.

The Finance and Audit Committee

The Board has delegated to a Finance and Audit Committee the general oversight of financial matters including:

  • Recommending budgets to the Board for approval.
  • Reviewing management accounts, and reporting to the Board by exception.
  • Considering the annual accounts and making recommendations to the Board.
  • Making recommendations to the Board in respect of any changes in disposition of capital.
  • Reviewing risk the Annual Risk Plan, and reporting to the Board on the management of risk.
  • Reviewing Stay’s programme of internal audit and making recommendations to the Board as required.

The Board of Stay

Brian Keates (Chair)

Andy McAdam (Deputy Chair)

Jacquie Osmund-Smith

Amy Sidhu

Sarah Clarence

Tara Foran

David Balderston

Dave Gill

Linda Haynes

Patricia Fanthorpe

Kerry Coley

Ben Harper

Chris Hill

Stephen Moruzzi

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