I became homeless because I was kicked out of my family home.  This was due to a breakdown in communication, trust and respect between me and my family.

I was only 14 when I first became homeless but luckily I was able to stay with my Nan at that point.

However, I became homeless again when I was nearly 16.  I had been living with my mom in Dover and found a girlfriend (as you do at that age) who happened to have a child.  My mom didn’t like me taking on such responsibility and I soon realised that my mom didn’t like the idea of becoming a step Nan so she gave me an ultimatum – the girlfriend, or the family home!

I then found out that the girl wasn’t for me as she was cheating on me so I decided that I wouldn’t go back home because of the ultimatum and I wouldn’t stay with the girl because of her cheating so I became stuck.  I then decided I had to try to go home but was turned away by my mom and told that I wasn’t her problem anymore and must make my own way.

This happened at 8 o clock at night when the local council was closed and I had nowhere to go.  It was in the middle of winter, there was one and a half feet of snow on the ground and it was still snowing.  I didn’t know what to do or where to go but then I remembered that there was a block of flats nearby where me and some friends used to go to play games.  I went there and managed to get into the flats through a window around the back which took me into the main hallway.  I then went down the staircase towards the basement where there weren’t any flats so I knew I wouldn’t be seen or heard.

It was cold even in the flats, it was very uncomfortable, I was scared and even though I was away from the snow I knew I could die.  I remember waking up every 20 minutes to change the position I was laying down in or sitting leaning into the corner of the stair well.

I was homeless in London for one night at the age of 17.  I would just walk the streets instead of sleeping as I didn’t know my way around the big city and I didn’t know anywhere safe I could go.  I didn’t know who was around and where I could be under threat.  The next day I was able to get hold of some money from a local job centre to fund me to get back to the town where I was born which is Telford.

When I got back to Telford I spent several months sofa surfing at friends and families houses until I managed to get a place with Stay.

Stay helped me get back on my feet.  I now have my own place to live and a job.  Stay have also given me the opportunity to become a member of the National Youth Reference Group and Homeless Youth Parliament.

In the future I hope to have my own business and settle down with my own family.

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