I am 22 years of age, with two learning disabilities – Dyspraxia and ADHD.  I have struggled all my life but have always tried my best.

I was a care worker for Telford and Wrekin but eventually surcome to illness and the job took its toll on me too.  This led to a relationship breakdown with my partner – I was going through a tough time and I wasn’t myself.  I would describe myself as a husk empty shell, I used to come back from work in a mood and I started smoking drugs which eventually led to the breakdown of my relationship and I was kicked out of the house.

I had lost my home, my job and my family.  I had also fallen out with my parents and so I then spent a period of time sofa surfing and sometimes spent all night on the streets.  I felt hopeless and alone.

I contacted Stay who gave me a place to live; a cozy one bedroom flat.  With Stay’s help I have begun to build my life back, my relationships have started to recover, I have become much happier and managing my home is a lot easier with the support from my support worker.

I have now started a level 3 course in computer software & programming, I am managing my money better and I have also lost weight and quit smoking.

In the future I hope to get a job that I really enjoy and to be able to provide a lot more in terms of money to my children and manage my own household.

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