Stay is one of the lucky groups to be accepted for the Shropshire Star’s 2018 Cash For Your Community Campaign

Stay has been accepted as one of the groups/charities to take part in the Shropshire Star’s Cash For Your Community 2017 campaign meaning that we are in with a chance of receiving a share of the £20,000 total prize fund 🙂

To receive a share of the £20,000 prize fund we will need to collect special tokens (minimum 500) which will be printed in the Shropshire Star Newspaper from tomorrow, 1st March to 7th April – there will even be some double token days.

The first prize is £5000 for the group that collects the highest number of tokens, the second prize is £2000 and the third, £1000 with the remaining groups in positions 4 to 50 will receive a share of the remaining £12,000 based on the number of tokens they collect.

Do you buy the Shropshire Star or have it delivered? If so, would you be willing to collect the tokens please?? Do you have colleagues/family/friends that might be willing to save the tokens/newspaper – We are happy to collect any tokens/newspapers that people are kind enough to save for us 🙂

Thank you x

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