A big THANK YOU to Lawley Running Club

We would like to say a really big thank you to Lawley Running Club for choosing Stay as one of the charities to benefit from any money raised from the Beckbury Trail Run on 15th November.  The event was a huge success, all 250 spaces were filled and the money donated to Stay from the event was an amazing £1511.59.  Thank you to all involved and particularly the organisers for their efforts with the event.


To find out more about the Beckbury Trail Run visit:


Below is a photo of some of the organisers presenting the cheque to us at the Silver Stay Out 2015


Thrive Wins Tender for Accommodation Based Services

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Exciting news to share with partners and customers in Telford

Bromford has been successful in winning the tender for ‘short term supported accommodation’ across Telford. This contract will go live from 1 October and will be led by Bromford with the support and specialisms of the Stay, YMCA and ManinPlace providers: the same providers that have been responsible for the floating support service known as ‘Thrive’ since 2013 across Telford.

Thrive will lead on the allocation process known as The Gateway which will organise referrals and access to the flexible short term accommodation support service. Stakeholders and customers will be involved in identifying and shaping the process.

Lisa Simpson from Bromford said: “We are delighted to announce this on behalf of Thrive partners, so watch this space for more updates.”

Additional information on Thrive providers

Maninplace Estate Ltd is a specialist local provider for homeless people, those threatened with homelessness and rough sleepers. A community enterprise established in 2006 to identify, negotiate and deliver accommodation for the homeless from within the private rented sector, Maninplace works with marginalised groups to break down the barriers that prevent non-statutory homeless people from accessing accommodation, working proactively with people to break down the downward cycle that can exist for homeless people.

Wellington and District YMCA is a specialist local provider of support and housing to young people at risk across the borough and offers 25 units of accommodation in the North of Telford and Wrekin. YMCA has many years of experience of working with young people at risk, motivating and encouraging them to develop strategies, change lifestyles and improve their prospects through a holistic approach to housing, support and life coaching.

Stay is a specialist local provider of support and housing to young people at risk, including young families aged between 16 and 32. Established in 1990 by local churches in order to respond to the growing problem of youth homelessness in the borough, today Stay is supporting over 100 young, vulnerable people and families.

Bromford is a social enterprise working to help change the lives of some of the most vulnerable people across our communities. In Telford and Wrekin our approach is further enhanced by the collaborative working arrangements we have with our voluntary sector partners. These important partners strengthen our overall support offer.


Introducing Beatrice Webb

Beatrice Webb is our new supported housing scheme for young females.

Beatrice Webb



Replacing Octavia Court, Beatrice Webb has 8 units of accommodation for females aged 16-32.  Applications are made via the Single Allocations Panel.


To contact Beatrice Webb please call 01952 618789

Watch the video of Antonia’s Homelessness Fixer’s Project here

Placed in a hostel when conflict at home left her without anywhere permanent to live, Antonia Weaver is raising awareness of different types of homelessness.

Her story was shown on ITV News Central on Thursday 6th November.

Antonia, who’s 22 and from Telford in the West Midlands, wants to show that homelessness can affect people in different ways, and doesn’t always mean sleeping on the streets.

She hopes that by improving understanding, people will be quicker to offer support to those who need it.

‘I ended up homeless at 16 due to family conflict,’ Antonia explains.

‘I was really lucky because a local charity found me somewhere to live in a hostel for young women.

‘A lot of young people don’t have that opportunity.

‘My Fixers project is to help people understand homelessness.

‘No one chooses to be homeless. Often the young person has no control over their circumstances.’

With Fixers, Antonia is helping to create a film based on young people’s experiences of homelessness in Telford and the West Midlands.

Conducting research as part of her broadcast, she speaks to others her age who know what it’s like to have nowhere to live.

John Green, Director of Stay Telford, an organisation that provides housing and support for young people and families, also appears in the TV film in support of Antonia’s campaign.

‘The project Antonia is working on with Fixers is an excellent thing in order to dispel some misconceptions,’ he says.

‘Young people who find themselves homeless can be blamed by society for their situation but often it’s not their fault.

‘It can be as a result of a difficult upbringing, a difficult family background, abuse, or a number of other factors.’

Antonia adds: ‘A lot of people do take it for granted that they have a home to go back to.

‘Through this project I hope to see more people offering their support and being more generous towards homeless people.’

For more information and advice on homelessness or housing issues, visit the Get Connected website.

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Stay Hydrated

‘Stay Hydrated’ is still natural spring water priced at 50p per bottle or £5 for a case of 24 bottles.


This is a great price for top quality water with the added bonus of knowing that for each bottle you purchase, funds will be donated to Stay to support their work with vulnerable and homeless young people in the area.


To purchase please call Kay on 01952 291904 or email:

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A big thank you to the sponsors of Stay Hydrated:



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